Welcome to our ambitious project! The goal is to design and build aircraft and rockets from scratch. We are a group of 17-year-old physics students driven by our passion for science and aviation.

The project is split into three parts. First, we aim to build a propeller plane equipped with an autopilot system. Next, we plan to enhance the plane’s capabilities by incorporating a jet engine to improve its flight speed. Finally, we have the ultimate goal of building a rocket to reach space (or at least the tree tops). Join us on our journey as we turn our dreams into reality.

Meet The Team

Photo of Hellborg

Hi, I’m Felix Hellborg. Being the project coordinator as well as the financial manager, I’m involved in pretty much all aspects of the project. My main task is to make sure the project runs smoothly, on time, and on budget. On a day to day basis though, I’m mostly occupied with software design. I'm highly driven and passionate about all things physics and robot related

Photo of Davidsson

Hi, I’m Erik, the senior software developer. The last 5 years, I’ve been programming, everything ranging from decentralized collaboration to power-efficient embedded systems (which, in this case, is good experience!). During my spare time, I enjoy working out and learning about new things. I’m also quite fond of the rocket engine chemistry.

Photo of Wichert

I am Felix Wichert, head of the design team. Sailing consumes a large portion of my life, so naturally I became interested in fluid dynamics. I hope to learn a lot and to create something great with my friends :)

Photo of Olsson

Hi, my name is Jarl Olsson and I primarily focus on the manufacturing of the plane and later also the fuel for the rocket.

Photo of Wanek

Hi, my name is Elias Wanek and I am the auditor and one of the designers for Above Us. My passion for science and technology has been with me from a very young age. The idea of exploring humanity’s distant frontiers and unveiling the secrets of the cosmos sounds like a dream to me. I joined this project since I could get some knowledge and skills required to achieving this dream and to just be part of a fun journey!

Photo of Lannér Risenfors

Hi! My name is Harry, and I’m one of the designers for Above Us. I joined the project since I’ve been interested in rockets, planes and the physics and engineering behind both of these. In project launch I hope that I can not only help in the process of creating planes and rockets, but also learn a lot of information that will be valuable for me in the future.